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Welcome to DripIrrigation.org - your guide to Drip Irrigation

Whether you're just getting started or want to know how to get the most out of your drip irrigation system, you're in the right place. We provide drip irrigation best practices, how-to guides, tips, trends, videos, drip irrigation testimonials, and links to the latest drip irrigation news. And if you have any questions, comments, or would like to register as a drip irrigation expert, you can contact us at contact@dripirrigation.org, follow us on our drip irrigation twitter feed, @driptips, or read our drip irrigation blog. So let's get started...

Drip irrigation is a technology widely used in agriculture , landscape, greenhouses and nurseries to apply water directly where it is needed. Drip irrigation minimizes the use of water and enables the injection of fertilizers through the drip irrigation system while at the same time growing healthier plants that have less disease.

AquaFlow 3.0 - Drip Irrigation Design Software

Toro's new and improved AquaFlow 3.0 Drip Irrigation Design Software provides designers with a state-of-the-art tool to configure drip irrigation systems for optimum performance using Toro's Aqua-Traxx® and Aqua-Traxx PC drip tape, as well as BlueLine® Classic and BlueLine PC dripline. To learn more and become a registered user of AquaFlow 3.0, click the following link.
Download AquaFlow 3.0 - Drip Irrigation Design Software

Drip Irrigation Owner's Manual

Updated to include both English and Metric units, the Drip Irrigation Owner's Manual was developed by Toro to be a comprehensive drip irrigation guide for both new and existing row, field, and permanent crop growers. This manual will help you take full advantage of the precise, efficient, and practical benefits of a drip irrigation system, so it will deliver the most value by integrating your crop, soil, nutrients, and water for optimal results. Download your copy of the Drip Irrigation Owner's Manual today...Now available in Spanish!
BUY the Drip Irrigation Owner's Manual (1st Edition)
Learn more or download the Drip Irrigation Owner's Manual (2nd Edition)

Drip Irrigation Testimonials and Crop-specific Solutions

Explore drip irrigation case studies by crop, or testimonials from real growers. These real-world applications show why drip irrigation is the most efficient irrigation method that not only saves water, but improves yield and crop quality.
Crop Solutions
Grower Testimonials

Typical Drip Irrigation Layout

This illustration of a Typical Drip Irrigation Layout has been developed to help those who are unfamiliar with drip irrigation understand the basic drip irrigation system components and concepts.
Drip Irrigation Layout
Drip Irrigation Layout (Spanish)

Drip Irrigation News

For all the latest drip irrigation news, check out our online drip irrigation news archive. Feel free to mine our articles or to send us one that you'd like to share. Simply email the online link or article to contact@dripirrigation.org.
Until then, check out this new article: Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI), A Multifactor Decision for Growers.

DripTips - Drip Irrigation Blog & Twitter Account

For more tips, trends, and helpful information for successful drip irrigation, check out our new drip irrigation blog! And while you're at it, sign up and follow us on Twitter for frequent drip irrigation news, updates, and application tidbits.
DripTips - Drip Irrigation blog
DripTips - Drip Irrigation twitter feed

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